Use of Fiber Optic Tool Kits!

Whether you want to repair your TV cable, PC board or speaker you must be aware about the fiber optic cables and about the usage of tool kit.

Importance of Fiber Optic Tool Kits has wider aspect in the field of fiber optic industry. It enables the field person to perform immediate temporary repairs by strip and slice the individual fibers, repair them and store them back in the enclosures, so that they are back in action!

There has been various number of tool kits (like testing kit which can further be categorized in various equipments) present in the market that are required to complete the task- whether you are installing a brand new fiber optic network or repairing the existing system. So, one should make sure that you have right kind of tool kit for efficient processing of work.

And if you are still confused from where to buy the tool kit, then "FiberQA" is here to help you out. We have all the latest equipment that integrates both clean up and inspection in one automated system thus enabling our customer to increase their business in an effective way. Moreover the joint ventures with AEFOS, Inc. and PVI Systems, Inc. have added on the capability of providing the best tool kits.

Further in this article, we have discussed about the fiber optic clean that would add up to your knowledge about how to work with fiber optic kits which is use for neating.Multi service terminal

Three important steps of fiber neaten:

Inspection- first step is that you need to be assured of what part is being scraped up which need clean up.

Cleaning- once you have recognized the problem, you have to apply this method with given cleaning tools in the kit.

Re-inspection- after completing the clean procedure you must re-check to ensure that the equipment is back to efficient working.

As discussed above in the second point : The fiber optic cleaning kit is divided into four parts based on the method of cleaning fiber optic:

Dry cleaning: cleaning of optic without the use of solvent like air spray.Multi service terminal

Wet cleaning: The use of solvent like alcohol with lint free wipes.

Non-abrasive cleaning: cleaning without the abrasive material toughing the fiber optic connector end face.

Abrasive cleaning: use of all abrasive material (lint fiber wipes) for cleaning.

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