Applying For Building Permits

Applying for a building permit happens after you have established the location of your new structure on your property based on the applicable zoning parameters like setbacks, lot coverage %, etc. At this point you would have already acquired building plans, decided who will build it and estimated total project costs. For most locations a building permit is required by your local city or county government. A permit to build may involve simply paying a fee and informing them about the proposed building project and then having the local inspector approve the project for building code and ordinance compliance. However, more likely, the building department must review and approve building plans in order to grant permission to build. Then the project is inspected at certain stages of construction to verify compliance with approved plans.

Acquire Instructions Packet from Building Dept. which contains information about the process, which building and other codes govern, what documents must be submitted and by whom they may be prepared (such as architect or engineer in some cases). Numbers of document copies are also specified. Time frames are often indicated, as well as, related variables like exceptions, variances, conditional use, etc.

Building Permit Application form filled out with all required information about the project, its description, location, projected cost, ownership, general contractor (if applicable) and description of existing property and conditions (if applicable). If you need any kind of information on this article-related topic click here building permit near me

Plans Review usually involves submitting your building plans as paper document and/or PDF file for the several steps of approval by various disciplines, such as planning/zoning, fire safety, sanitation, soils & civil, traffic and building structure/architectural. A correctly prepared set of documents which comply with all levels of codes and ordinances will usually go through the process clean with permit granted.

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