American Green Card Lottery Program

American Green Cards are the identity documents that are granted to foreign nationals who become permanent residents of the country. Though becoming permanent residents of the United States is the dream of many, it is not so easy to obtain Green Cards and become permanent residents of the country. Few ways through which foreign nationals may immigrate to the United States is through family based immigration, employment based immigration and through the American Green Card lottery program. Unlike other ways through which a foreign national immigrates to the United States through sponsors, the Green Card lottery program does not require the winner of the program to be sponsored by anyone, to obtain an immigrant visa. The only requirement is that the winners must satisfy a few eligibility requirements to obtain immigrant visas and to become eligible for Green Cards.
Every year, thousands of foreign nationals take part in the American Green Card lottery program to win Green Cards. This program is not open to individuals from all foreign countries as this program only allows nationals of countries that had sent less number of people to America as immigrants, to participate in the DV lottery program. Besides, the applicants must have the required educational qualification or the qualifying work experience to enter this program. It is mandatory to hold the required documents to establish your eligibility. While filing an application online, you must make sure that you fill in all the data correctly. You must not fail to list all your eligible dependents along with the name of your spouse on your entry, even if your spouse chooses to file a separate entry.
The American Green Card lottery program is considered to be a boon to people who always wanted to immigrate to the United States. Winners will be selected through a random lottery drawing, however, all the selected winners will not be granted immigrant visas. Winners who satisfy all the eligibility requirements alone will be granted immigrant visas and will be allowed to immigrate to the United States. Digital photographs of the primary applicant and the eligible dependents must be submitted along with the DV lottery application. Photographs that you send along with your application, must meet the Green Card lottery specifications. If you submit an entry with your name as the primary applicant, remember that you must not submit another application with your name as the primary applicant. However, your name may be listed as an eligible dependent, if your spouse submits a separate entry.\
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